Texpro Protein Powder

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TEXPRO –Whey Protein Powder. Provides strength and Vitality during Chemo Therapy. Texpro is a  balanced Whey Protein supplement. Fortified with essential Vitamins, minerals and DHA.
Protein type Protein efficacy ratio Biological value Net Protein Utilization
Whey Protein 3.2 104 92
Casein 2.9 80 73
Milk 2.5 91 82
Soy Protein 2.2 74 61

Protein efficacy ratio more than 2.7 is a superior Protein sourceJ.R. Hoffman & Michael J. Falvo @ journal of sports, science & Medicine (2004) 3,118-130.


TeXpro is an  ideal partner during Chemo therapy and Radiation

TeXpro helps in rejuvenation of cancer patients during treatment

TeXpro strengthens Immune system & helps repair of body tissues.

Indication :

Patients undergoing Cerhemotherapy and Radiation during any type of cancer treatment.

Precautions :

In CKD patients protein supplementations to be given under strict guidance from the medical practitioner.

  • Sugar free so ideal for Diabetic patients.
  • Each 30 grams powder contains 15.6 grams of Protein.
  • Vanilla Flavored, Tastes best with Milk.


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